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Why Michael and Jenny? Three Excellent Reasons to Have Them Sell Your Home

For starters, their aggressive marketing campaign builds excitement around your home. This is why they can sell your home for up to 19% more than others in your area. On a one million-dollar home, you could receive an extra $190,000 with them! Here’s how:
  1. They list your home on 200 different websites, both nationwide and overseas, including those in China. The more exposure your home gets, the more potential buyers you have, and the higher your chance to garner multiple offers.
  2. Michael and Jenny have an advanced buyer lead conversion system and a Tele Marketing Team that lines up thousands of buyers who are pre-qualified and motivated to buy property in the Bay Area. Ask them how many buyers are ready to buy yours and they’ll show you!
  3. Their unique “trade-up” program increases buying demand by 40-60% instantly for your home. You see, 40-60% of the million-dollar home buyers are trade-up buyers. Trade-up buyers have to sell their home first in order to buy yours because they don’t have additional money for the down payment, or they cannot qualify for two loans at the same time. Michael and Jenny guarantee to sell the buyer’s home so that they can buy yours without having to deal with multiple housing payments at the same time or end up having no house at all. They simply take the pressure off your potential buyers so they can buy your house easily.
  4. Their 24/7 toll-free hotline makes it easy for buyers to learn all the advantages and improvements of your home. The hotline also delivers their best finance packages, and open house directions with one easy call. This system allows them to catch buyers, follow up, and pre-qualify them immediately.
  5. They have been part of a CCIM national network since 1991. This network attracts many international cash investors who are ready to invest in the Bay Area. Without this network, you might miss a lot of excellent opportunities.
  6. Michael and Jenny’s minimum bid pricing strategy attracts countless buyers abroad and also helps to push your final selling price through the roof. This is because they make your home one of the hottest deals in town! They show it to a group of 50, 100, or even 200 people at the same time. They will make sure the house is in the perfect condition to be showed. It will look, sound, and smell like your buyers’ dream home. When Buyers see how many people are competing for your home, it creates an auctioning effect! Having multiple offers will allow you to be in the best negotiation position to accept or counter the highest price, and that is why Michael and Jenny are able to sell homes for up to 19% more than others. Ask any agent if they can show your home like this.
Secondly, Michael and Jenny only charge a total commission of 3.38% and always provide you with One-Stop Full service! Yes, you heard it right, only 3.38%. Compared with 5 to 6% commission, on a one million-dollar home, you could save $13,200 to $23,200! Why pay an average agent 5-6% when Michael and Jenny can come in and do the same or better for less? The systems they use and the team structure they have allow them to pass the savings to you, yet still provide you with phenomenal service.
On top of this, Michael and Jenny network with the best staging designers, painters, termite and home inspectors, attorneys, escrow officers, and all other experts that you may need. They filtered out the mediocre ones and only kept the best! Michael and Jenny’s preferred partners are committed to serving you at a discounted price with outstanding service! With their invaluable network, you can relax and have a worry free sale!
Lastly, Michael and Jenny have a Two-Part Guaranteed Sale Program. Here’s how it works:
  1. Your home will be sold at a price acceptable to you, guaranteed, or they’ll buy it. Call them to find out more details.
  2. They guarantee stellar performance with their Easy Exit Listing Agreement. It allows you to opt out of their contract at any point in time if they do not fulfill their promise.
Their goal is to sell your home for the top dollar with the least amount of hassle TO YOU as possible. Everything Michael and Jenny do is geared towards pleasing their customers, and this is part of the reason why they have been so successful in the Bay Area! Michael and Jenny have a combined 50 years of experience on their team and they always work with honesty and integrity. Before you hire just any Realtor to sell your home, call or email Michael and Jenny for a free home selling consultation TODAY!